Frequently Asked Questions

If fantasy football, March Madness and reality TV had a love child – its name would be Bracketology. You can join a community with fellow TV lovers, or create one and compete against your friends, family, and coworkers. Choose between multiple game types from March Madness-like brackets (First Impression) to pick ’em leagues where you predict who you think will advance at each elimination ceremony (Week to Week and Confidence Pool) to fantasy football style (Advanced) games. Throughout the season, leagues are automatically scored, and winners can earn prizes and/or bragging rights, depending on the league they choose.

We have a variety of different game types for you to choose from, fit for every reality TV fan. You can make choices each week about which contestants will advance through elimination ceremonies (Week to Week), choose a team of contestants each week and score points based on what they do and say during the episode (Advanced), or make a bracket for the entire season after watching the first episode (First Impression). New to Bracketology: Confidence Pool – a Week to Week game with a twist. Make your choices weekly about which contestants will advance through each elimination ceremony, but rank how confident you are that each contestant will advance. The higher you rank each contestant, the more confident you are that they will advance, and thus the more points you will receive if you are correct.
Tired of hunting down and re-inviting your friends to your leagues each season? Say no more. A community is your vehicle inside which you will play your fantasy games for ALL of your favorite reality TV shows. Create a community, invite your friends/family/coworkers, and then create a league for each reality TV show you want to play, within that community. Community’s can have multiple leagues in them, but only one league per show. Any community member can join any of the available leagues within the community. When the show’s season rolls around again the next year, simply re-activate that show’s league and everyone that played the previous season will be right where they need to be to play again (feature coming soon).
You can create your own community, browse public communities, or join a private community through an email invitation/sharing of the community URL or invite token from the Share with Friends button. If invited to a community’s specific league, you will automatically join the whole community. You can be in a community without participating in any leagues/game types, but you can’t play in a game type/league without being in the larger community. 
A public community can be joined by anyone and is displayed in the community directory, while a private community requires a special invitation to join. If you’re creating the community, you get to choose its privacy level, so decide how exclusive you’re feeling and go for it.
Picks will be available as soon as the current season’s contestants are officially announced. No spoilers here! First Impression picks are to be made for the entire season in one full swoop and lock for the season when Episode 2 airs in Eastern Time (locking episodes can vary by show).
We’re glad you asked. This is the most important part of the game. You can make your picks by navigating to your league, clicking the game type in the right hand (top on mobile) navigation menu, and choosing contestants for each ceremony/episode. Picks save automatically after clicking on contestants, so no need to look for a ‘save’ button. For Advanced game types, you will choose a team of contestants each week (usually 6 contestants or fewer), and for Week to Week/Confidence Pool game types, you will choose who you think will advance to the next week. First Impression picks should be made for the entire season at one time; picks will lock for the season before Episode 2 airs in Eastern Time (locking episode can vary be show).
Brackets will lock immediately when the episode begins on the East Coast to avoid spoilers for anyone. West Coast – this means you need to make sure your picks are made a few hours before each episode. Picks will open up for the next week after the episode airs.
To allow for automated scoring, all rules for the Advanced game will be chosen by Bracketology. These rules will be solidified and announced prior to the beginning of new season. You can see the rules for the current season by navigating to your Advanced game type and clicking on the Rules tab.
We post a scoring recap every week that lets you know what points were awarded & why for each league type. You can find it on the navigation menu within the gaming app part of the site or a link to it on the show’s main Bracketology marketing page.
Scores are posted an hour or so after the episode ends on the West Coast (Week to Week, Confidence Pool & First Impression games are updated only after episodes which contain an elimination ceremony).

To avoid missing picks, make sure to subscribe to our emails for Pick Reminders and Scoring Recaps by clicking the “Keep me updated” checkbox on your profile. But, we know life can get hectic sometimes, so each Commissioner has a tool to unlock picks for the episode/ceremony in question to allow for late or unsaved picks. The Commissioner should navigate to the ceremony/episode and click “Open Picks,” which will allow for all picks for that ceremony/episode to be edited. Just make sure the Commissioner clicks “Close Picks” once complete. Reach out to your Commissioner if you were unable to make picks, but beware, not all Commissioners will allow for picks to be modified after they lock each week.

With the development (and resulting importance) of communities, we wanted to make it difficult to delete in case it was accidentally erased, causing the deletion of multiple leagues within it and many unhappy users. You can delete your community if you are the only member of it. If there is anyone else in your community, you’ll be required to assign another member as the sole community Commissioner before deleting your account. Additionally, you have the ability to assign one/many community Co-Commissioner(s) if you just need help managing the community/leagues/members in it. Simply go to the Members page within the community, click the 3 dots next to the member you want to promote, and click “Add Co-Commissioner.” You can remove Co-Commissioner permissions at any point, and don’t worry, Co-Commissioners won’t be able to add/remove other Co-Commissioners and most importantly won’t be able to remove you as Commissioner.

Your profile is where you can modify everything about your account. Click the icon in the upper right corner after logging in, or click “Forgot Password” on the Sign In page

Bracketology is not a gambling site. You can, however, win prizes by participating in leagues that offer gifts to the winner(s) (Sponsored Leagues, Officially Bracketology Leagues, etc.).

If you’re still having trouble getting a question answered after reading this FAQ and the How It Works page, please feel free to submit a form on our Contact page. Additionally, you can email us at We love hearing feedback from our users; user experience is essential to us. After all, this is a fantasy platform by reality TV fans, for reality TV fans.

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